Wouter Zuiderveld - lead vocals, guitars and keyboards

Wouter Zuiderveld was born and raised in Lutjegast, Groningen in The Netherlands.  He provides the lead vocals and also guitars for Maestro since he joined the band in December the 19th of 2018.

Wouter got his first guitar in 1993 for his 11th birthday. After a few years he formed his first band Ectoplasm, together with Mark Lubbers (r.i.p.). Mark on lead guitar and Wouter rhythm
guitars and vocals. They first started as a duo, playing songs from the Beatles. Later on, when they got in touch with drummer Michiel Hendrikse, the band got more into playing hard rock and heavy metal. After a period of six years the band fell apart due to different interests, Mark stepped out of the Metal scene and into the Gipsy Jazz, but Mark seemed irreplaceable.

After a few years of silence the love for music returned and Wouter joined a band Roger's Heritage, where he was the lead guitarist and backing vocalist. After some time Peter Douwenga was recruited as bass player for the band and a new friendship was also born. Later on, Peter even became Wouter's best man at his wedding. After Roger's Heritage stopped existing, Peter and Wouter formed the coverbands Mr. Nice Guy and later on also the band Mad Motion. In both bands Wouter provided next to rhythm and lead guitars only the backing vocals, but his love for singing was growing stronger.

In 2018 Peter Douwenga asked Wouter to join Maestro as their lead singer. Ever since some of the rhythm and lead guitars are also played by Wouter. After having his tonsils removed in February 2019 Wouter took singing lessons from Rodney Elzer which definitely improved his singing skills a lot. With influences of David Coverdale, Bruce Dickinson and Steve Perry, to name a few. Wouter's voice brings in a lot of soul, melody and some pretty high notes to the music of Maestro.

       Discography and previous recordings of Wouter Zuiderveld:

  • Maestro - Get it on!, full album (work in progress 2024).
  • Maestro - 'Black Bishop' single. Released on all digital platforms by Pt78 Records on Saturday the 4th of March 2023.
  • Eloah - Proud To Love You, full CD album, guest vocals. Released on the 8th of Febuary 2023 by Big Bad Wolf and Headbangers Records.
  • Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine issue #99 (UK), audio compilation CD sampler,
  • Maestro single 'Something Else' Summer Jul - Sep 2022 edition.
  • Maestro - 'Something Else' digital single. Released on the 9th of November 2021
  • Three track, thus far unreleased demo. Wouter Zuiderveld and Jan van der Heide 2006: 1. Born to Rock, 2. Alone in the Dark and 3. When I think of You
  • Dogs of Lucifer - Killers of the Road, Schools Out For D & A (Drugs & Alcohol) compilation compact disc 1998, Netherlands.